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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 5, 2013 12:00am-1:00am EST

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are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. a seven-day standoff in alabama where a five-year-old boy was being held in an underground bunker is now over. the man holding the boy hostage. 65-year-old jimmy lee dikes is dead. now according to officials. officers stormed the bunker after negotiations had deteriorated with dikes and officers believed the boy was in imminent danger. five-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. at this time it is still unclear how exactly dikes died. he snatched the boy after killing a driver and there is a police press conference and when it happens we will bring you that when it happens.
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meanwhile, in other news, our campaigner in chief pounds the pavement. he is desperately trying to push through stricter gun control laws. the anointed one took his case to the people of minnesota and made one thing loud and clear about gun control policies, it's not a perfect solution. >> there won't be perfect solutions, we're not going to save every life, but we can make a difference. that is our responsibility as americans. that is what i'll do every single day as long as i've got the honor of serving as your president. >> sean: not a perfect solution. make no mistake what he is doing today. it's a blatant move to undercut the nra and he spoke to the minneapolis police department saying gun owners support his measures. it's senseless arguments like this that literally do nothing to even advance his cause. >> if we still had a ten round
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limit on magazines, the gunman that shot gab gi bi may not have inflicted 33 rounds, 15 seconds. some of the people in tucson might still be with us. >> sean: there is no way he can draw that conclusion. mr. president that is what we call rampant speculation. he is pressing for a ban on firearms and universal background checks that nra claims is way to punish good law abiding citizens. >> it's a fraud to call it universal. it will never be universal. the criminals could care less. you are not going to computerize the mental health records. we ought to quick calling it universe a.m. check. real title, check on law abiding people all over this country. >> sean: too things to take away
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from his campaign. one, what you are seeing is a president attempting to push through legislation that may look good but clearly does not need to make sense. number two, this is president who continues to have misplaced priorities. where is the same attention and intensity when it comes to the lack of jobs and 50 million americans on food stamps? we learned the economy was shrinking and unemployment is back up to 7.9% and all this news is pouring out. here is what the president is addressing. >> i am here today because the time has come for common sense, comprehensive immigration reform. >> my attitude that gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does in every institution and walk of life. >> the only way we can reduce gun violence in this country is if the american people decide if it is important. if parents and teachers, police
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officers and pastors, hunters and sportsman, americans of every background stand up and say it's got to be different. >> sean: with reaction, is ann coulter. did you see the picture of his skeet shooting. first of all when you skeet shooting you shoot up. number one he is not holding it right. >> the great constitutional law scholar second amendment the fishermaners of the constitution really like skeet shooting. that is not what it is about. wait until the photos of him taking birth control pills fighting the war on women. >> sean: let's go to what is interesting here. president wants to talk about gay scout masters apparently accepting, gay marriage, gun control. watering down welfare requirements. abortion rights. war on women everything but the
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bad economy. strategic, purposeful? >> yes, but i would like to concentrate what is being repeated on the "new york times" and editorials why the president himself, he says if we want to do something to reduce these gun shootings all we have to do is for the american people to want to do something. no, we need the aclu and mentally ill to stop this shooting. this kid that was kidnapped in alabama and finally released, that was crazy man that took him. everyone knew he was crazy. american sniper great american male, more shots at the enemy he was killed by a man with a history of mental problems. >> sean: conservative talk radio. >> aurora, tucson, this is crazy people. everything they are telling you
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what they can do about guns is lie. problem with universal background checks one,have them now. any licensed gun dealer is performing a background check. if you are walking through a gun show, everybody is doing background checks. the only people who are not suggested to background checks are people giving them to their sons or selling one to their brother in law. the only way to enforce the 1% by collectors is to have universal gun registration. that is an important point. for some reason, wayne is not making it. universal background collection mean universal registration and that means universal extermination. that is how it goes in history. do not fall for it. universal background checks. point two of this thing about how in the "new york times" editorial page today or yesterday and from the hearings last week that a gun in the home
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is more likely to be used against the owner than to kill an untruther. whole thing is a lie that is way most ways is used to kill someone is suicide. that is more than 90% of those cases. you might say, having a gun they are going to commit suicide. no, that is false. suicide rates do not go up with the availability of guns. japanese have no guns. they have twice the highest suicide rate. no matter what gun laws, suicide rates have nothing to do with that. and finally, what we only count a homeowner repelling an intruder, if he murders him and kills him or holds them in the police. that doesn't count in the equation. that is why they are telling you in order to prevent americans from self-defense only the government has a monopoly on guns. >> sean: i think it's fits with
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the narrative. if he talks about immigration and guns and climate control, then the media race to every republican, what do you think about what obama said and we don't focus on the economy. one other issue.... >> to follow up your point. it's to demonize people that are legal gun owners and obama, look at him. he cares about the children. screw you. you don't think we care about the children. you don't do anything about the mentally ill. mass murderers have gone up since the institutional movement. homicide rate is going down. homeless people have gone up. mass shootings have gone up. homicide rated is gone down and mentally ill and liberals won't do anything about it. >> sean: kids with autism and down's syndrome. here is my on other question. then it goes into senator menendez is involved potentially an underage prostitution scandal.
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>> right. >> sean: being flown out that owns the irs $11 million but he was foot tapping bathroom stall republican or his name is mark foley we would be over the fact we have a huge scandal. where is the coverage of this in the mainstream media. >> they are giving the john edwards' coverage. >> sean: pretty much. >> not cog covering it. maybe it's not true. but certainly more evidence with these under age prostitutes themselves sending in videos and saying that he slept with this them in the dominican republic all of which was broken by the daily caller. you won't read about it in the "new york times." there is certainly more evidence the claim that romney didn't pay his taxes. >> shep: last question. there is --. >> sean: there is a battle that is going on, "new york times" establishment republicans want
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more influence, raise more money for candidates to stop tea party candidates from winning elections. now a tea party candidate would be marco rubio, mike lee, ted cruz? >> it's a terrible mistake to stop in those men. look, i doubt that is how they have billed their pact. i do think republicans should not have run, sharron angle, christine o'donnell, todd aiken we have given up senate seats. we have to stop talking about abortion and say yes -- and when we have problems like that could cost us amnesty didn't ks cost us obamacare we have to be careful to get candidates that will say stupid things. >> sean: there are other tea party conservatives in the primary. we have to roll. good to see you. >> good to see you.
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>> sean: could the depth of homeland security soon be called in to patrol the president's hometown of chicago. that is exactly what jesse jackson is demanding as gun violence continues to grip rambo's windy city and the best and worst superbowl ad of 2013. i have my favorite. we're going to play that for you my favorite commercial. here is a sneak peek. >> and on the eighth day, god went down on his planned paradise and set i need a officemax is celebrating our new collaboration with go daddy!
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>> sean: we are awaiting a press conference in alabama after f.b.i. agents rescued a five-year-old child who was being held in a bunker. the captor is dead. president obama made it all the way to minneapolis to tout his agenda today. one may think he would find a time to make a stopover in chicago where gun violence is plaguing that city. as of thursday of last week there were already 42 murders in 2013. after 15-year-old girl was shot to death near obama's oled old
12:16 am
home, students and community leaders took to the streets to shine light on the problem. jesse jackson was among them and is calling for homeland security to patrol the streets of the city. he resorted to pleading directly to the president's help. license plate to this. >> this is not, it's about fixing the school where they attended. whole world is watching us. we are urging the president to consider coming here that may illuminated this darkness. >> sean: joining us with reaction is pollster for americans prosperity. jennifer is back with us. you notice it's every liberal city, seriously, the toughest gun laws, most murders and most violence, most masmt hem. why is that? >> because liberal ideology fails but it fails first on the economic front. the problems started there in
12:17 am
chicago in 1930s and how many more chin are going to be sacrificed. the president doesn't want to go there. they do have a strictest gun laws in the country. if we can't use that false narrative he has to talk about why. so many democratic cities are failing. >> sean: why isn't gay marriage and gun control, global warming. >> it's desertion in the economy. nobody seems to care about that. we now the economy that actually lost, we have higher unemployment, but what we have is rahm emanuel the mayor of chicago, let no crisis go to waste. we whip off this proposal we've been sitting on the shelf that doesn't do anything. what i think they ought to do, i thought reverend jackson's comments were interesting. instead of homeland security because all they have is tsa
12:18 am
agents, send the national guard. you got a slow motion slaughter of children going on day after day. >> sean: i have a better idea. dead fish is failed to protect the people. >> he is going to lead the fight against banks and gun manufacturers. his people are being killed daily and he can't stop it. >> sean: dead fish, i have suggestion for him. i want to see the violence stop in chicago, too. there is one person he should invite in to solve those problems and that is rudy guliani. bring him to chicago, he dropped the murder rate from 2500 to below 500 in new york. >> absolutely. start addressing the problem. look at most violent cities in america. they are all run by democrats. you have to hear me out. this is fair and not political. as a mother i don't think it is fair that people are forced to live with this liberal ideology
12:19 am
they think is going to help the poor when it hurts the poor. johnson's war on poverty was a we're on the poor. they don't give them choices to send them to school. they don't have anywhere to grow. >> sean: you disagree, why? >> saying a democratic mayor, these things in big cities it's a problem they have not solved their gang problem. i lived in l.a.. this is because, you have terrible education systems that are failing. >> sean: and also the gangs violence, but what about the change in the educational system. >> teachers unions. of course they are democratic party. my party, the fact is in places like chicago, between the corruption, the unions and what has been historic problem by the way in 1930s it goes back to having mobs involved.
12:20 am
we have gangster city and gangster politics. we have a mayor that should be doing something with this problem that isn't. >> it's unfortunate. >> the president should go there because it is his hometown. you know why, because he wants to have a solution that is cosmetic rather than deal with the real problems, mental health and whole bit. >> i love it, conversion. beautiful. >> please. >> that is very sweet. >> sean: peace and love on the hannity program. will the obama administration admit the interrogation methods that was implemented by george w. bush, that is what led us to bin laden. we'll check in with liz cheney and frank luntz will play for
12:21 am
you our favorite superbowl ads. what high profile commercial landed at the bottom and what at the top of mine. plus we are expecting a police press conference as the hostage standoff in alabama, five-year-old boy has now been saved, his kidnapper is dead and we are waiting on a press we are waiting on a press conferenceeeee all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers.
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>>. >> sean: fox news alert. we are awaiting a press conference after the standoff in alabama. five-year-old boy is safe and kidnapper is dead. we'll have the latest. meanwhile, over the weekend, president obama outgoing defense secretary leon panetta confirmed information that was gathered through detainees that were put in place by president bush in fact help lead to the killing of osama bin laden. here is what the secretary said when he was asked about the new movie zero dark 30. >> there has been a debate, the movie seems to indicate that enhanced interrogation techniques were used to get bin laden, is that true? >> you know, first of all it's a
12:26 am
movie. let's remember that. i lived the real story. the real story in order to put the puzzle of intelligence together that led us to bin laden, there was a lot of intelligence. there were a lot of pieces in the puzzle. some of it came from some of the tactics that were used at that time were used. the fact is we put together most of that intelligence without having to resort to that. >> you think you could have gotten it? >> i think we could have gotten him without that. >> sean: directly contradicts statements by the obama administration in the past. >> you say with certainty that bin laden's hideout would have been found without the advanced interrogation techniques? >> i can say with certainty that no single piece of information with the exception with the address of the compound was
12:27 am
vital to this because we're talking about tiny bits of information that were compiled by unbelievably competent professionals. >> the information that was acquired that led to our knowledge about this compound came from multiple sources. sometimes individuals provide information willingly and sometimes they did unwittingly. the tracking of bin laden's whereabouts put the puzzle together so there was no one critical bit of information that was provided by either a detainee or somebody else. >> sean: joining me is liz cheney. maybe you can explain, why is this president can never accept plame blame for bad decisions and can't even knowledge what is an obvious simple truth that those eit's give them intelligence that led to the
12:28 am
capture and compiling of bin laden? >> i don't know why. i think part of it has to do he doesn't want to have to take steps that truly are necessary for us to ultimately win the war on terror. i would like to see him apologize to the brave men and women in the c.i.a. the patriots that undertook this program and kept us safe. what i would like to see happen in terms of security of the nation going forward, i would like to see him explain how it is we are going to continue to prevail against insurgent al-qaeda when we are in longer capturing terrorists. at the end of the day this is war we win with intelligence and we don't have the tools anymore to get the intelligence we need. >> sean: we're going to pay a huge price down the road. we're going to be saying, why did we stop doing those things. jose rodriguez that witnessed enhanced interrogation, he was on this program, no eit, no bin
12:29 am
laden. watch the tape. >> so you don't think we would have gotten bin laden without techniques leading to the intelligence? >> the reason why because there a clear trail. there was someone we captured, a facilitator we captured in 2004 that told us about bin laden's currier and gave us a tsunami anymore and eventually we got the -- pseudonym. >> but the things he opposed wouldn't have allowed him to make that decision is that a fair statement? >> that is fair statement. >> sean: he was there. he knows the intelligence. he is telling everybody the truth. they keep denying it. is it a simple reason that the president was wrong in supporting it? >> clearly he was wrong. their relationship with the truth, i'm reminded when hillary clinton says what difference
12:30 am
does it make because of a video or terrorist attack. now, they say, the program got us the intel that led to bin laden, it makes all the difference. that the terms of credit like jose rodriguez that undertook the program but also you have to keep the nation safe going forward. when they say things like we could have gotten the intel some other way, we could have gotten it without it. we could have liberated europe without the d-day landing. it's not accurate. >> sean: and liberal media repeats it. i'm concerned about f-16s and tanks going to morsi who has purged the egyptian military who we thought we may be able to counted on and put his puppets in place there. how dangerous is that that the senate last week had an opportunity to stop giving f-16s to this 9/11 truther, this guy
12:31 am
that things the israelis of descendants of apes and pigs, we will give them weapons that could be used against israel? >> you are exactly right. there were some republican seniors snrs that would have stopped the sale. anybody out there that is represented by one of those senators ought to write to their senator and tell them we should not be delivering weapon systems like f-16s to a president frankly who allowed our embassy to be overrun, who allowed the al-qaeda flag to fly over the embassy. we need to reevaluate that relationship and not provide the assistance and support we have in the past without any signs of commitment on the other side in terms of security guarantees we need to have. >> sean: liz, good to see you. >> thank you. >> sean: when we come back an incident that took place in england. also when we come back, time to
12:32 am
critique the commercials and find out what superbowl ads are being crowned as most successful. i'm going to play for you one of the most powerful television commercials i have ever seen. we are waiting that police press conference at the end of the alabama hostage standoff. five-year-old child has been rescued and we'll have the latest and when the press conference happens we'll bring it to you right here o o o o o (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everi'm with scottrade. me. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine. you know it even after all these years.
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>>. >> sean: this fox news alert. we are expecting a police press conference on the end of standoff in alabama. five-year-old boy is in fact safe tonight. his kidnapper is dead. we'll bring you the latest as it happens. people that tune into the superbowl every year, they don't want to just watch the big match-up but the highly anticipated expensive commercials. joining me which ads best resonate, none other than frank
12:37 am
lund. good to see you there. >> i got a static 46% of americans tuned into superbowl as much for the ads as the game. >> sean: i'm going to play side by side or one after another, what you say is the best and worst. don't say but this is genuine focus group. >> it was done last night live, real people making that judgment. best and worse and see if you get it right. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ changing ♪ because i build my life around
12:38 am
you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> there are two sides. there is the sexy side representing and this is represented by walter. together, they are perfect.
12:39 am
>> get your dough mistaken and website. >> sean: how lucky is that guy? >> you know, it was something else. >> everybody loved the budweiser ad. >> it's a human drama and it's that connection that is something special, it's dangerous in the superbowl to try to do something emotional. that cut through the klut. it was our number one ad. >> sean: you said guys were crying. >> six people in the session bursted out in tears because it touches your heart strings. the go daddy ad upset people. here is the thing. we're talking about it now on your show. several million people are hearing go daddy but women will not go there because they don't want no part of it guys right now are going, oh, i don't know how to spell ewe.
12:40 am
>> sean: the audi ad, i won't use the term kiss. let's roll the tape. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: one guy said it was something else. >> on the award shows, there have been several great moments in the grammies and emmies and mtv where the guy grabs the girl and puts his arm and gives her a big kiss. it's a dream come true. that is every 17-year-old's dream. >> where is the black eye. >> so he paid for the dream. >> sean: i can't take the pc,
12:41 am
politically correct crowd because that was a good ad. >> it's memorable, but the question is do you remember the car company that did the ad. >> sean: that a good point. i am a huge paul harvey fan. we're going to run the ad in its entirety. >> on the eighth day, god looked down on his planned paradise and said i need a caretaker. so god made a farmer. god said i need somebody willing to get up before dawn, milk cows and eat supper and go to the meeting of the school board. so god made a farm. god said i need somebody willing to stay up all night with a newborn colt and watch it die and dry his eyes and say may be next year. i need somebody that shield a
12:42 am
horse and ahaystacks out of shoe scraps and finish a 40-hour week by tuesday noon and put in another 72 hours so god made a farmer. god said i need somebody strong enough to clear trees, gentle enough to wean pigs and stop more for an hour so god made a farmer. it had to be somebody who plowed deep and straight. somebody to weed, feed and plow and planted and strain the milk, somebody would bale a family with the soft bonds of sharing. that would laugh and then sigh and then reply, with smiling eyes, when his son says, that he wants to spend his life doing what dad does. so god made a farmer.
12:43 am
>> sean: i love that ad. >> i understand it's not really about being a farmer, it's the value of hard work, perseverance the connection to family, to father and son. it has all the american values, that is why it connected so well. here is the problem. if you live in new york, chicago or l.a. you don't know any farmers. >> sean: you don't know where produce comes from. >> you don't experience it. we always argue back and forth about politics on shows like this. that is about american culture and that ad cuts deep but there are different americas. if you are african-american, less than 1% are farmers. we have different american experience. that is why our politics are so
12:44 am
valcanized. >> sean: it was fun at superbowl. i'm a loser but i went to the superbowl this year. were you in shock because you invited me for the last five years and never gone. >> everyone that comes up for you an autograph you are nice to them. by the way, i didn't get free tickets, i bought them on stubhub. >> that makes you foolish. >> sean: i don't want free stuff. >> i do. because you bought me a sweatshirt and you said thank you don't have to thank me on the air. >> $99 but as long as you liked it. >> it was best polyester i can buy. >> sean: log on to special companion site, hannity live and a university is
12:45 am
preventing to have pills in vending machines. and we're awaiting a police press conference on the end of the alabama hostage standoff. the alabama hostage standoff. stay with fox news for the [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪
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>>. >> sean: this is a fox news alert the we are awaiting a press conference on the end of the alabama standoff. the five-year-old child was safe. kidnapper is dead. we'll bring you the latest. meanwhile, the fda has announced it will not take action against state school in pennsylvania for a controversial addition to their vending machines. ainsley earhardt has the report and much more. >> when you put your money in a machine you think you are buying a coke cola or snickers bar. but now they are allowing students to go to the vending and buy planned "b" emergency contraceptive pills. we are asking people what they think about it. >> to go to the vending machine to try to get it, i don't see to try to do it. >> at a college? >> yeah. >> that is rough one.
12:50 am
>> i find it very strange they would put it inside a vending machine. it may send the wrong message. it's promoting to have sex. it's okay to do whatever you want. >> it's all about making money. if they feel that is good way of making money, yes, that is the american way of doing things. >> it's disgusting that is what america turned in to. >> what would you say if your daughter was going to that school? >> i wouldn't be too happy about it. >> my daughter is adult now. i sent her off to college. she is making adult decisions and that her choice. >> reporter: would you want her daughter to go to school and have access? >> probably not the plan "b" bill but condoms and all that. >> i would be hesitant if it was high school or smaller school but college aged kids, we live in a new world. >> reporter: are you for or against it? >> i am against the new world for sure.
12:51 am
>> sean: it's can block pregnancy if taken 27 hours after sex. a book says america is losing $2 trillion in a year because our children are not being educated well enough to fill the high skilled, high paying jobs that do exist even in this very bleak economy. book is called, radical, fighting to put students first. michelle rhee and now founder and ceo students first. nice to see you. i love the book. thank you for being with us. i see this and i think, what were the problems in the school '40s and '50s, chewing gum and running in the halls? >> it's a wild different rule. if you were teaching and writing and arithmetic and we are dealing with many different things. many kids are coming to school
12:52 am
and not having the discipline and time management. values and character. schools serve a different purpose in many different ways. >> sean: baby-sitting service? >> along with the academics i think that teachers are required to do a lot more. they are serving multiple roles. >> sean: i think that is fair statement. i don't blame teachers, there are great teachers but we are not demanding what these kids are capable of. we don't want to test them. we don't want teachers to look bad. why don't we do that? >> i think you are absolutely right. it's a problem with the bureaucracy. i think there are plenty of educators that want to do the right thing. we also believe at students first, all kids can learn when they are put in the right school environment, a rigorous school. the problem is they are forced to operate in this bureaucracy
12:53 am
that is driven by policies that absolutely make no sense. >> sean: education is interesting derivative from latin, to bring forth from within. so if it is not coming out, who has failed who? >> i think that we have to focus on as educators is what can happen within the confines of the school day and school year. what we know is that of all of the school factors that exist the quality oft matters the most. you can take a child who is living in poverty who had is coming to school with tremendous challenges and when you put that kid in front of a highly effective teacher it can literally change their life. >> sean: what is the biggest obstacle to that, teacher unions do they protect -- the mysterious resistance toward vouchers or all girl public schools.
12:54 am
there is one in harlem and city of new york got sued. why the reluctance? >> i think it goes back to the bureaucracy. if you look at the point of teachers unions. the purpose of them is prioritize and rights and privileges of their members. they are doing a fantastic job of that. the problem is that we as rest of society we have not made it a priority to put pressure on our public officials to make sure that they are prioritizing the issues of kids. >> sean: you say radical fighting to put students first. we don't even talk about indoctrination. >> they can achieve the high levels if they put the work in. >> sean: great book. thanks for being here. we have breaking news that the
12:55 am
press conference on the end of the alabama hostage standoff. five-year-old child has been rescued. as hannity continues, thanks for as hannity continues, thanks for being with us. in ameri today we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's is ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪
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>>. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. we are a awaiting a police conference for the end of the alabama standoff. five-year-old boy has been rescued. man who held the boy hostage, 65-year-old jimmy lee dikes is dead according to officials. officers stormed the bunker had after negotiations had deteriorated and the officers believed the boy was in fact in imminent danger. the five-year-old was taken to a hospital for nearby evaluation. at this time it is still uncleared how dykes died. he snatched the boy from a skx after shooting and killing the drive.


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